Welcome to a world that adds color to your everyday life, without mess (period).

Love'n Layer is a beautytech community that is intelligent with functional products,
Developed with you in focus.

We create products for hands and feet that focus on function, ingredients, sustainability.
You might think it's simple, but it turned out to take more than 92 years before the change became a fact, and now you can contribute to our future journey and turn your back on dated beauty in the hand and foot category.

In 2020, Ida Thern started the development that later became Love'n Layer

How it all started

The pandemic spread across the world.
Ida Thern was heavily pregnant with her second child and was advised to stay at home
until childbirth.

She cancelled her regular visits to the nail salon and had to use regular nail polish instead.
She felt that the market offered attractive and fun colors in quantities, but that function is rarely prioritized, and that development has been stagnant for many years.

Why settle for time-consuming methods that never last more than a day or, in some cases, only hours? In addition, the small bottles are often filled with chemicals and have pungent unpleasant smells.

"It took me two years to develop Layers. What became the solution to my problem is today an innovation in nail cosmetics, which is also available to everyone!

I nailed it!"

We've got your back

Layers are developed based on the Medical Products Agency's legislation for cosmetic products and to avoid unnecessary chemicals in your everyday life.

Say no to nail polish with strong and pungent scents.

Layers are perceived as fragrance-free after opening the package and can easily be applied in common or public rooms. You also avoid strongly scented nail polish removal and its drying effect on the nail bed and the skin around it.

At Love'n Layer, we have a strong focus on sustainability, and try to choose materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible: our Layers are 100% vegan and made of biodegradable material and our UV lamp is made of recycled plastic.

Another important issue we work with is to minimize waste in production and we guarantee that no animal testing occurs in the development of our products.

We created Layers for you

Our ambition is to create a nail product that revolutionizes a stagnant industry. Where appealing colors and patterns meet a functionality to create an experience beyond the ordinary.

The result is Layers -

Our vision is that you should feel safe and confident when you wear your Layers. Make your nails an accessory that you can change, change and match endlessly. It's only your imagination that sets the limits!

Perfect manicure that lasts

Layers is an innovative adhesive gel nail polish that takes less than three minutes to apply, without mess and unnecessary drying time.

A thin layer that supports and protects your existing nail while adding color to life.

You apply Layers and they get a nice luster under our UV LED lamp for about 45-60 sec for maximum durability for up to three weeks.