Nail tech created to actually work.

Love'n Layer revolutionized the nail polish industry with products that challenge a stagnant industry. Nail polish has been around since the 1930s, with no priority on function. It's never been easier to have well-manicured nails than Layers.

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Poppy Pedicure

With our high-quality gel nail polish for toes, it's easy to create a stylish and long-lasting pedicure that will make you shine with every step you take. So why not add some color and joy to your daily routine? We have everything from vibrant pink to shimmering silver. Give your feet some extra love with our Toe Layers.

"Nail Product of the Year"

by Aftonbladet's beauty editorial staff

"Recommended by Elle"

Elle magazine

"Innovation of the Year 2021"

by Stockholm Beauty Week

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Our Layers are easy to apply. We want to make your everyday life easier so you have time for other things.

100% VEGAN

All our Layers are 100% vegan so everyone can have a nice everyday life with Layers. Of course, we never test our products on animals.


Layers are designed to be as kind to nature as possible. We use no unnecessary chemicals and all products are fragrance-free.